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  • Holding Achilles ★★

    Holding Achilles ★★

    Written by David Morton. Sydney Festival. Carriageworks. 19-22 Jan, 2023. High flying multidisciplinary show Holding Achilles comes to Sydney Festival after a successful run at Brisbane Festival last year and it’s a real mixed bag. But there’s one thing for certain… The acrobatics are graceful but the script is clunky! Young, troubled, too-smart-for-his-own-good Patroclus is…

  • Room ★★★★★

    Room ★★★★★

    Written by James Thiérrée. Sydney Festival. Roslyn Packer Theatre. 11-25 Jan, 2023. The phrase you’re looking for is “What the fuck did I just watch?” but not said in a bad way, said with a mixture of awe and discombobulation and respect. Room, now inhabiting the Roslyn Packer Theatre as part of Sydney Festival, is…

  • Happy Meal ★★★★

    Happy Meal ★★★★

    Written by Tabby Lamb. Sydney Festival. Eternity Playhouse. 17-24 January 2023 Tabby Lamb’s Edinburgh Fringe hit, Happy Meal, is bringing showers of joy to Sydney Festival (before heading to the Perth Festival in Feb). This sweet trans-romantic two-hander is a bright, bubbly piece of confection that blends the sour with the sweet to really hit…