Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras Film Festival 2023

I’m reviewing films at Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras Film Festival 2023 for The Queer Review, so this page will be updated as new reviews go live. I’ve also included the films reviewed by other reviewers (clearly labelled) at The Queer Review to help make this a centralised hub.

Feb 18 – Goran Stolevski/Of An Age interview added. Wandering Heart, Wet Sand and The Origin of Evil reviews added.

Feb 16 – Of An Age review & Enda McGrattan/How To Tell A Secret interview added.

Feb 12 – Tank Fairy and Mars One reviews added.

Feb 7 – Andrew Mercado/Number 96 and Simon Hunt/Stephen Cummins interviews added.

There are some brilliant films on show, and some niche ones that’ll tickle your particular fetishes.

I’m sorting these by rating to make it easier to see which ones The Queer Review highly recommends.

Stephen Cummins’ Resonance


Exclusive Interview: Irish drag star Enda McGrattan aka Veda on HIV documentary How To Tell A Secret

Exclusive Interview: Simon Hunt on the legacy of queer Australian filmmaker Stephen Cummins ahead of Mardi Gras retrospective

Uncovering Australian television’s lost queer history with Andrew Mercado

Exclusive Interview: Goran Stolevski for Of An Age (interview by James Kleinmann)

Exclusive Interview: The Inspection stars Jeremy Pope & Gabrielle Union (Interview by James Kleinmann)

How to Tell a Secret

★★★★★ Reviews

All the Beauty & the Bloodshed ★★★★★ (reviewed by James Kleinmann)

How to Tell a Secret ★★★★★

Of An Age ★★★★★

#LookAtMe ★★★★★

Wandering Heart (Errante corazón) ★★★★★


★★★★ Reviews

The Inspection ★★★★1/2 (reviewed by James Kleinmann)

ALL MAN The International Male Story ★★★★ (reviewed by James Kleinmann)

Blitzed! The 80s Blitz Kids’ Story ★★★★ (reviewed by James Kleinmann)

Elephant (Słoń) ★★★★

Framing Agnes ★★★★ (reviewed by James Kleinmann)

Horseplay (Los agitadores) ★★★★

Lotus Sports Club ★★★★

Mars One/Marte Um ★★★★ (Reviewed by James Kleinmann)

The Origin of Evil (L’origine du mal) ★★★★

Outrageous – The Queer History of Australian TV ★★★★

Tank Fairy 桶妝仙女 劇照 ★★★★ (Reviewed by James Kleinmann)

Wet Sand ★★★★

You Can Live Forever ★★★★

The Venus Effect

★★★ Reviews

The Blue Caftan ★★★1/2

Gateways Grind ★★★1/2

Lonesome ★★★1/2

Punch ★★★1/2

The Venus Effect (Venuseffekten) ★★★1/2


In From The Side ★★★

In Her Words – 20th Century Lesbian Fiction ★★★

Shall I Compare You to a Summer’s Day? (Bashtaalak sa’at) ★★★

Trans Glamoré ★★★

Where Butterflies Don’t Fly (Kam motýli nelétají) ★★★

The Winner Takes It All ★★★

The Longest Weekend ★★1/2

In From The Side

And just a reminder of the rating system:

★★★★★ – Terrific, world-standard. Don’t miss. (★★★★★ will be rare).

★★★★ – Great, definitely worth seeing.

★★★ – Good. Perfectly entertaining. Recommended. Individual mileage may vary (most shows are ★★★).

★★ – Fine. Flawed and not really recommended, but you may find something to appreciate in it.

★ – Bad. Not worth your time or money.






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